Reclaim your superpower – your Digital Data.
The only Zero Data app in the world.

Where citizens regain their digital privacy and businesses achieve personalisation with their audiences.

MeData: MeData is our Digital-Self.
It is the data you have created and collected on your CitizenMe profile. All your data is stored on your smartphone. We do not have a copy of it. MeData is a powerful digital mirror of who you are online, and it’s fully controlled by you. We are a Zero Data app, making CitizenMe a truly ethical platform.

Zero Data.
Zero Data is a technology principle that respects the right to privacy first. It ensures a Digital Citizen gets a fair value reward in exchange for a brand to access and use their data. It enables a Digital Citizen to engage with the internet and set preferences with brands they love, without having to give up personal identification. A business is able to regain the trust of its customers, and have deep-level data insights into customer preferences.

What is a Zero Data platform?
Zero Data is a technology principle that respects that Zero Data is stored with us; data is stored on each Citizen’s phone. Each time a Citizen does a data exchange with a company, they are re-asked for their permission. For the company, data is only accessible through the permission exchange of the CitizenMe app, and the Citizen is provided with a fair exchange reward for their data.

Citizen Data.
Aggregated MeData where all personal identification has been removed. It is a data set that is available for analysis for the benefit of the common good. For example: medical research, COVID trend tracking, or educational outcomes.