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Ethical data benefits not just business, but everyone.

We’re all citizens in a digital society where personal data already powers everything from global business to public policy to AI. But data isn’t enough. It’s only by understanding that data, and the real people behind it, that it becomes knowledge. And knowledge is valuable.

Data strategy, legislation, and personal habits are all changing. We bring together a community of individuals, businesses, and public organisations to make sure that change is beneficial to all. Empowering people to own their own data, creating better outcomes for business, and inspiring change across society.

Our Clients

Zero-party means good times for all.

With CitizenMe, people own their data and control their privacy. Personal data is only ever stored on their own devices and shared through choice. No shadowy third parties or vulnerable databases of personal information. That’s why we call it zero-party data.

It’s a new ethical standard that benefits everyone. The people who produce the data see the benefits from sharing it while businesses and organisations gain valuable insight that creates less liability and more opportunity. Good times all around.

CitizenMe Data Platform

Why CitizenMe?

The people-powered data platform for all.

We’ve been flying the flag for zero-party data since before the world knew the term. We were believers, then pioneers, and now experts. That journey led us to build the first fully functional zero-party data platform and encourage the community to support it.

Because whoever you are, it offers something for you.


Ask more from consumer data

Whatever your business challenge, people have the answers. You just need to know how to ask. Test segmentation strategy, react to trends, or survey honest opinion from otherwise unreachable/impossible data. Real data, from real people, in real time.

  • 350+ data types with AI and sentiment analysis to understand it in real time.
  • Ethical data from real people who care. Turn liability into opportunity. 
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes, from pay-as-you-survey to tailor-made plans.
  • Not just a survey tool. Prototype testing, user research, data organisation and more.

The App

Make your data work for you

Forget annoying adverts and snooping sites. Take control of your digital privacy and reap the rewards if you choose to share your opinion or data for the things you care about.

  • Own your personal data and control your digital privacy.
  • Enough ads already. Tell your go-to brands what you really want.
  • Earn cash, discounts, lifestyle hacks and more rewards when you share.
  • Give data to causes you care about and earn charitable donations in your name.


Data strategy built for you, fit for the future

If you’ve already got the audience, we’ve got the key to understanding them. An ethical data platform and a cutting edge technology stack designed for the real world tailored to your specific needs. Engage audiences, build brand loyalty, discover impossible data by using our unique human data platform with your own brand in your own environment.

  • Gain deeper insight and do better business with fully permissioned, ethical data.
  • In-app AI and on the edge processing provide encryption and user privacy by design.
  • Future proof good data practices and limit liability by going beyond compliance.

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