Our Values

Our values mean the world to us (literally!) Which is why they have their own page. If you feel like we’re missing something please get in touch! They are an on-going work in progress.

Welcome to CitizenMe. Empowering you with your data.

CitizenMe’s mission is to bring people and companies together to share information for mutual benefit. It’s a democracy in the truest sense; ethical because it’s fully opted-in, powerful because we integrate data from multiple sources, and effective because the insights we provide add tangible value. We believe it’s the way human data should be done, and our clients agree.

All about Citizens, all of the time
If it doesn't serve Citizens, we shouldn't be doing it.
Asking questions keeps our minds open and our team learning. Don’t like the way we do something? Find a way to do it better.
All work, no play is no way to behave. Innovation demands freedom to thrive, so our office is a space to create, experiment and love what we do.
Respectful Candour
We value honesty and each other. We bring open minds to the table and encourage direct dialogue to get to the best result, with courteous appreciation for our colleagues and their ideas. In short, don't be a d*ck.
Celebrating humanity and individuals
We value and respect our colleagues as much as we do our Citizens, and no two of them are the same. We believe diversity is vital to innovation, and we work hard to make our environment accessible and inclusive of all.
Agile & Accountable
We are our own rapid response team. Our culture is one of fast learning and responsible reflection. It's what helps us to blaze our own trail!
We don't take the piss
Out of Citizens, Businesses or each other. No deal is worth our souls, so we’ll always do the right thing for those we work with and those we represent. If we can’t do something with integrity, we won’t do it at all.
Take Responsibility
We don’t assume it’s someone else’s job and we don't play the blame game. We act with consideration and responsibility, and if something goes wrong, we learn.